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ENAVSIS Trade & Energy Ltd

This is the place where we intend to give you a synoptic description of our company’s rich activity within the last 25 years that ENAVSIS Trade & Energy Ltd has a strong and continuous presence and positive contribution to every critical productive sector of Greece and Cyprus.

High expertise, professional treatment, technical adequacy, attention to detail and awareness of the true customer’s needs form the frame through which ENAVSIS achieved to differentiate itself from the competition and become a strong player in the market of Greece and Cyprus, known today as a strongly reliable equipment & services provider in a significant number of demanding subjects.

Critical industrial sectors (Refineries, Power Production, Metallurgy, Aerospace Industry, Cement Production, Chemical Plants), Universities, Research Centers, Contractors, Naval Industry, Critical Distribution Networks (DESFA, EYDAP, OFC), as well as the Greek Armed Forces, are only some of the customers / partners accompanying ENAVSIS to its route of continuous development throughout the years.

Services - Associates

In brief, three are the main ENAVSIS activity sectors:

•  Large Combustion Plants Specialized Accessories

•  Gas & Dust Analysis

•  Non-Destructive Testing

In all those three sectors our company, in close co-operation with esteemed foreign manufacturers promotes and supports equipment of high quality & durability, having minor maintenance needs and in most of the cases innovative principle of operation that secures the best possible coverage of even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Hereafter, you could find the main foreign manufacturers co-operating with our company in each of the three aforementioned sectors and the relative equipment that they provide in the world market:

Large Combustion Plants Specialized Accessories

♦  FIREYE (U.S.A.) – Flame Scanners, Ionization Rods & Burner Controls, Pilot Burners, Igniters, Burner Management Controllers.

  DET-TRONICS (U.S.A.) – Flame detectors, Combustible & Toxic Gas detectors, Certified Fire and Gas Safety Systems supporting flame, gas, smoke & heat detectors and being capable to co-operate with minor network units like manual call points, horns, strobes, etc.

  FORNEY Corporation (U.S.A.) – Industrial burners, pilot burners, igniters, flame scanners, burner management systems, industrial skids, dampers.

♦  Thermoteknix Systems (UK) – High temperature, visual & temperature measurement camera systems for the optimization and remote supervision of cement rotating kilns, kiln shell scanning systems, data management & processing software.

♦  MIRION Technologies (UK) – High temperature, visual & temperature measurement camera systems for the optimization and remote supervision of rotating kilns, boilers, furnaces and glass tanks, data management & processing software.

Gas & Dust Analysis

♦  Gasmet Technologies (Finland) – Portable FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) gas analyzers, for the parallel measurement of up to 50 gases, portable sampling systems & gas processing accessories for introducing the sample to the specific analyzers. Various versions are available for ambient measurements or direct stack sampling.

♦  NEO Monitors (Norway) – TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) based, gas and dust analyzers. There are available models for in-situ or extractive applications & ambient measurements (open path units). A portable version is also available for ambient or stack sampling.

♦  Duvas Technologies (UK) – UV light source based, portable gas analyzer DV3000, being capable for on line, parallel measurement of 14 gases in total, at ppb levels. It should be noted that the instrument’s readouts are coupled with the geographic mapping of gas concentrations, and that one of the main gases measured is benzene (C6H6), a really harmful pollutant usually present in oil refineries. The user gets the on line measurement results shown on the map of the territory in subject via a co-operating laptop or tablet.

♦  DEKATI (Finland) – High quality instrumentation for measurements of fine particles being below 10 μm and also sample gas conditioning equipment to be installed upstream of any particles measurement units. The main applications are related to the measurement of stationary source emissions, air quality, occupational health & industrial hygiene, aerosol dispersion & research, engine emissions, non-exhaust vehicle emissions & non-road engine emissions.

♦  PERMA PURE (U.S.A.) – Dryers / Humidifiers based on Nafion ™ tubing, a special polymer that selectively transfers water vapor across its membrane and can remove up to 90% of water vapor from a wet gas stream or add water vapor into dry gas stream. While transferring water vapor, it also maintains analytes in the gas sample or stream. There is actually a significant number of different applications where those items are widely used, with the main of them being the CEMS & stack testing, ambient air monitoring, particles analysis, gas analyzers calibration, medical applications, fuel cells, etc. In parallel, PERMA PURE has a wide accessories portfolio regarding the gas conditioning including filters, ammonia scrubbers, complete gas conditioning systems, conventional sample coolers, etc.

♦  Classic Filters (UK) – Filter housings & elements of any kind, PTFE membrane housings with both hydrophobic & oleophobic membrane types, drain vessels, automatic drains, filter regulators, etc.

♦  Ankersmid Sampling (Belgium) – Gas sampling & conditioning equipment to be installed upstream of any gas analyzer. Supply of complete in-situ gas sample probes, heated sample lines, filters, ammonia scrubbers, gas coolers, flow meters, pumps, etc. In parallel, supply of NO2-NO converters, stationary / portable oxygen, fluegas, biogas & syngas analyzers.

Non-Destructive Testing

♦  Waygate Technologies (U.S.A.) / Remote Visual Inspection Division – Industrial video borescopes, conventional rigid borescopes & flexible fiberscopes, pan tilt zoom cameras, rental RVI equipment, industrial installations remote visual inspection services, industrial installations advanced remote inspection services.

♦  Waygate Technologies (U.S.A.) / Digital Radiography Division – High resolution scanners, portable, wireless digital radiography detectors, film scanners & digitizers, phosphor imaging plates, advanced image processing software, image acquisition, review, data management & archiving software.

♦  Waygate Technologies (U.S.A.)-AGFA / Radiographic X-Ray Film Division – Best-In-Class radiographic film, X-Ray film processors, X-Ray film processing chemicals, X-Ray film quality assurance tools.

♦  Waygate Technologies (U.S.A.)-Seifert / X-Ray Machines, Tubes & Generators Division – Portable X-Ray Generators, Mobile X-Ray Inspection System & Static X-Ray Generators for the ragiographic / radioscopic inspection of industrial equipment.